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instruNet World+ (iW+) is a reasonably priced yet powerful and easy to use data acquisition software program for Windows. It enables one to digitize, plot, control, analyze, and save to disk A/D, D/A, and digital I/O data from instruNet hardware. Additionally, it enables one to define their own instrument front panel with buttons, popup menus, edit fields, dynamic text, text editor regions, and waveform graphs; as illustrated below.

iW+ is programmed with a simple script language that can define tasks such as control loops. For example, one can type "Dac1 = OnOff (Ain1, 3)" to define D/A #1 as a function of A/D #1. For a list of script commands, click here.

iW+ software adds valuable features to the FREE instruNet World (not +) software which is included with instruNet hardware. For a list of features in iW+ that are not in instruNet World (not +) click here; and for a list of features in both, click here. For general information on iW+, click here; and for information on how to order iW+, click here.