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instruNet is compatible with a variety of software, and the customer is often faced with the decision of choosing a software package. Selecting the right package is very important. It must be one that can do the task, do future tasks, and consumes as little time as possible when setting up. With software, there is a continum from easy-to-learn-yet-less-flexible to hard-to-learn-yet-more-flexible. The software along this continum is described as follows, from easiest to most powerful.

instruNet World PLUS (iW+)
iW+ is a Very reasonably priced yet powerful and easy to use data acquisition software program for Windows (not Mac) that enables one to digitize, plot, control, analyze, and save to disk A/D, D/A, and digital I/O data from instruNet hardware. Additionally, it enables one to define their own instrument front panel with buttons, popup menus, edit fields, dynamic text, text editor regions, and waveform graphs.

FREE instruNet World
Simple Strip chart recorder. Very easy to learn how to use. Not programmable. Easily record and save data to a spreadsheet.

Digitize Direct To Excel
Helpful if you want to digitize slowly (e.g. < 10 s/sec aggregate) and work with your data in an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, one can digitize with instruNet World and save a file to disk to be loaded by Excel, post-acquisition. Direct to Excel requires iW+.

FREE VB Instrument
Similar strip chart capability as instruNet World, yet since Visual Basic source is included, one can modify this program as needed.

Provides XY recorder and spectrum analyzer, along with Visual Basic source, enabling end user customization.

Program with icons. Not too difficult to learn with simple applications. Nice graphics.

Microsoft C/C++ Programming
C/C++ is very powerful and produces fast code, yet has a tough learning curve. instruNet is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio ≥ 2010, C/C++.

Microsoft Visual Basic Programming
This allows one to create a menu driven application program with menu bars, windows, and dialog boxes. Very powerful. Takes a little while to learn how to use, and a little while to program. instruNet is compatible with Microsoft Visual BASIC ≥ 2010