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Workbench software and DASYLab software are identical executable binary files. The only differences are the serial numbers, the installation procedures, and some of the naming conventions. To convert a Workbench worksheet that is tied to StrawberryTree hardware to a DASYLab worksheet tied to instruNet hardware, one must:

  • Run Workbench software.
  • Copy the Workbench .wbw worksheet file tied to StrawberryTree hardware, so you have a back up of the original.
  • Open the Workbench .wbw worksheet tied to StrawberryTree hardware.
  • Remove all icons tied to StrawberryTree hardware (analog in, analog out, etc) and all Setpoint icons, and replace them with dummy place holder icons.
  • Save the modified worksheet and exit Workbench.
  • Duplicate the .wbw file, and rename it with a .dsb extension
  • Install the instruNet hardware and software, and verify that it is installed correctly by running the instruNet World software.
  • Install DASYLab ≥ v7.0 onto your computer using a serial number that enables the instruNet icons. instruNet is implemented as regular DASYLab icons, as opposed to a traditional DASYLab/Workbench "driver". Select "Demo" driver when doing the installation. Both Workbench and DASYLab software can be installed on the computer at one time. They are like 2 programs to the computer (e.g. like Word and Excel), however, they cannot both run at the same time.
  • From within DASYLab, open the modified .dsb worksheet file.
  • Replace the placeholder icons with instruNet hardware icons(analog in, analog out, etc).
  • Save the new .dsb worksheet and then run.