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The subroutines shown below are used to set, store and restore channels settings. These settings could be anything from digital filter settings, to the sensor type on channel {1,1,1,1}. For details on moving settings information between Windows 32bit and 64bit computers, click here.

Open an instruNet World window.

Load all channel settings into an array.

Restore channel settings from array data.

These routines are exposed through the iNet32.DLL and through the INET_INT.C interface file; and are documented in file INET_INT.C. The following C code, from file INET_EX3.C, demonstrates how to show the instruNet settings window from within a program, load an array with the settings, store this array to disk, load this array from disk, and restore the channel settings.

// =======================
// Open the instruNet Network Window, and get the state of all the instruNet channel settings.

e = Open_instruNet_Window(iNetCM_OpenWindow_Network /* 2 */,0L,0L,0L,0L,0L,0L,0L);

// =======================
// We will now ask the instruNet driver to place all the channel settings into the settings[] array.

e = Get_instruNet_Network_State(
  &settings[0], SETTINGS_BYTES, &numBytesOfData );

// =======================
// Store all the channel settings to disk (after the user set them as desired in the NETWORK window).

file = fopen( "iNetSettings", "w");
fwrite(&settings[0], sizeof(char), numBytesOfData, file);
fclose( file );

// =======================
// Read the settings file in from disk.

file = fopen( "iNetSettings", "r");
numBytesRead = fread(
  &settings[0],sizeof(char),SETTINGS_BYTES, file);
fclose( file );

// =======================
// Restore the instruNet channel settings to that which was saved on disk.

e = Set_instruNet_Network_State(&settings[0], numBytesRead);

Visual Basic
If you are working with Visual Basic and instruNet software > v1.35, please see the following VB routines for more information on this topic:

  • Set_instruNet_Network_State_VB(), file INET_Interface.vb
  • Get_instruNet_Network_State_VB(), file INET_Interface.vb
  • SaveOrLoad_DataAndState(), file INET_Interface.vb
  • PRESS_iNet_BUTTON(), file INET_Marcos.vb
  • iNetCM_BtnPress_Network_Restore, Press 'Restore' button in NETWORK page
  • iNetCM_BtnPress_Network_Store, Press 'Store' button in NETWORK page
  • iNetCM_BtnPress_Network_Open, Press 'Open' button in NETWORK page
  • iNetCM_BtnPress_Network_Save, Press 'Start' button in NETWORK page