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Version ≥ 3.6 of the instruNet C/C++ interface is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio ≥ 2010 running 32bit or 64bit Windows ≥ 7 operating system. For compatibility details, click here. The instruNet interface files and documentation reside at the following directory after installing instruNet ≥ 3.6.

  ..program files (x86) \ instruNet \ Programming Interfaces \

For details, please refer to Programming with C & BASIC. If you are just starting out, it is recommend that you read INET_EX3.C, play with Example #3, and read about the BASIC class routines in file INET_INT.C. instruNet includes several example C/C++ programs, which are described as follows:

Example #1, C
Shows how to use almost every instruNet macro and subroutine in a text windowbased environment. This example is quite lengthy, uses many ADVANCED functions, and is based on file INET_EX1.C.

Example #2, C
Shows an instruNet application that reads and writes several instruNet fields, and then digitizes. This example is based on file INET_EX2.C, and uses many ADVANCED functions.

Example #3, C (not C++)
Example #3 reads and writes fields in a simple way, and is the easiest of all the example programs. This example uses only the BASIC class functions (not ADVANCED), and is based on file INET_EX3.c

Example #3, C++ (not C)
Same as above, yet C++.