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i200 Compatible DESKTOP Computers

The i200 is a 5V 32bit PCI card (not 3.3V). The i200 can insert into a 32bit or 64bit PCI socket. And, the socket must be capable of supplying 5V to the i200. If you are not sure if your PCI slots are 5V or 3.3V (or universal 3.3V & 5V), then one can examine the KEYs in the sockets. For details on what to look for, click here.

The i200 card does not work with PCI version ≥ 2.3, does not work with 3.3V only PCI slots, does not work with "PCI-Express" (PCI-E, PCIe), and does not work with "PCI-X".

Almost ALL computers manufactured ≥ 2009 are not compatible with the i200 card.

The following DESKTOP computers are compatible with the i200 card:

Company Year Series**
Dell 2008 T3400, T5400, T7400
  ≤ 2007 Most ≤ 2007 Precision, Vostro and Optiplex Desktops
HP 2008 Compaq dc61xx, dc71xx, dc5750, dc5850
  ≤ 2007 Most ≤ 2007 Pavilion & Compaq Desktops
Lenovo 2008 ThinkServer TD100 Series
  2007 3000 Series Desktops
  ≤ 2006 Most ≤ 2006 Ibm Desktops
Gateway 2008 FX54x, FX4710, FX6710
  2007 FX530

i230 Compatible LAPTOP Computers

The following LAPTOP computers support the i230 Pcmcia Type II card (PC Card, 5V, 16bit). Note that the i230 is different from "Express Card", "Compact Flash", "32bit Only PC Card", "3.3V Only PC Card" and "Type I Only PC Card".

Company Year Series**
Dell 2008 E6400, E6500, M4400, M6400
  2007 Latitude D43x, D53x, D63x, D83x
  ≤ 2006 Most ≤ 2006 Latitude Laptops
HP 2008 Compaq NW8440, NW9440, NX7300, NX7400, NX8420
  2007 Compaq 8510p/w, 8710p/w
  ≤ 2006 Most ≤ 2006 HP & Compaq Laptops
Lenovo 2008 W500*, T400*, T500*, SL300, SL400, SL500
  ≤ 2007 Most ≤ 2007 Ibm/Lenova Laptops
Sony 2008 Ar830, Ar870, Ar890, Tx740, Tx780
  2007 SzZ330, Sz360, Sz640, Sz670, Sz690;
Ar630, Ar660, Ar690;
Lt15, Lt18, Lt19; Txn15, Ls30, Ls37
  ≤ 2006 All FE, SZ, TX, and AR Series Laptops
Toshiba 2008 Tecra M10, A10; Portege R500, M750; Satellite S300x
  2007 Most ≤ 2007 Toshiba Satellite and Tecra Laptops
Gateway 2007 NX5x0, NX8x0
  2006 C-120, M2x5-E, M4x5-E, M6x5-E

* Compatible with i230 provided that one specifies "PC Card" while in the Customization process at the time of ordering the laptop computer.

** This information is correct to the best of our knowledge. Please check with your computer supplier to make sure the particular computer and configuration of interest is compatible with the i2x0 card.