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  • 8-Pole analog low pass butterworth filter daughterboard, ideal for anti-aliasing. For a summary of aliasing and why you might need an AFS filter, click here.
  • End user installs between 1 and 6 filter daughterboards onto each i423 card, one daughterboard per channel, and installs between 1 and 14 cards into each i4xx card cage.
  • Filters can be used to digitize waveforms into Windows Computer, or can be used independently due to both filter output pin at Hd44 connector.
  • i500 analog filter provides extremely low ±0.01dB maximum passband ripple for Fin/Fc ≤ 0.5. If one uses further oversampling, digital filtering and desampling; then passband ripple is ±0.002dB for Fin/Fc ≤ 0.8 due to the accuracy of a 30-pole digital filter.
  • i500 analog filter provides stopband attenuation of ≥ 76dB for Fin/Fc ≥ 3
  • Includes Free instruNet World strip chart recorder software; or purchase powerful PLUS version.
  • 4 different filter products, each with different cut off frequencies: 380Hz, 1KHz, 3.3KHz, 10KHz. However, further digital processing provides other cutoff frequencies lower than these. For example, with an i500 Fc=1KHz analog filter one can digitize at ANY sample rate less than 2Ks/sec/channel and have a DIGITAL low pass filter provide anti-aliasing.
  • Signal first passes through i423 signal conditioning amplifier before reaching i500 analog filter; therefore, one can attach directly to the following sensors: .
  • Digitize any combination of channels at 166,000 samples-per-second aggregate
  • USB 2.0 high speed data acquisition hardware for 32bit or 64bit Windows ≥ Xp Sp3, Vista, 7, 8 or 10


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