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Before installing the latest instruNet Software (which includes iW+) on a Windows ≥ XP SP3 (32bit or 64bit) Computer, Please:

  1. Exit any instruNet software that you might be running (e.g. "instruNet World").
  2. Visit web URL http://www.instrunet.com/download-latest-software/
  3. You will see a file named instruNet "instruNet_Setup...exe" at this internet location. Right-Click on the file and select "Save As" or "Save Target As". This will copy the file to your computer's hard disk. Alternatively, if you drag the file from the internet window, it might copy a link to the file instead of the actual file; therefore Right-Clicking is safer.
  4. After copying, double-click on the "instruNet_Setup...exe" file. This will install all instruNet software. When installing, a security message might appear such as "This website wants to install ... If you trust, click here.". Please authorize the activity, which might including installing an active x control, which is ok. If you get an error while installing on Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista, then cancel the install, install Windows Installer v4.5, and then install instruNet.
  5. Please proceed to How To Install instruNet Software.