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GW Instruments accepts orders from countries outside the United States for which GWI does Not have an exclusive distributor, all of which are listed here.

Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support are done mostly via Email; yet also by Phone, Fax, and Mail. For pricing, please email Customer Service. For contact information, click here.

To order from outside the USA, please email a Purchase Order to GW Instruments (Email inet_sales AT gwinst.com). The Purchase Order must include:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Shipping Address
  • Telephone # at Shipping Address
  • Buyer Name/Telephone/Email
  • List of items to purchase

You can supply your own FedEx, UPS or DHL shipper account number; or for $90 we will ship via FedEx. This is a flat fee of $90 per PO, independent of order size and buyer location. Buyer is responsible for paying import customs fees.

The following are acceptable methods of payment:

1. Master Card, VISA or Discover Credit Card

Please include the following with your PO:

  • credit card type (Master Card, VISA or Discover)
  • credit card number
  • name on card
  • expiration cate
  • security code on back of card
  • credit card billing address (including zip code)

2. Wire or Money Transfer

  1. Tell bank the name of your company and for which order you are paying using either your Purchase Order number or your order date.
  2. Please pay the service charge for wiring separately and do not let the bank deduct from your payment. Subsequently, the amount you pay will match the order we have received from you.
  3. Please pay in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank via GWI's bank routing number and account number.

3. Letter of Credit on orders > $10K

This method of payment is a risk-free means of purchasing, yet is often accompanied with bureaucratic delays and complications. We prefer customers use an alternative form of payment; yet will honor letters of credit under the following conditions:

  1. The order value must be in excess of USD $10K.
  2. Airway bill is consigned to purchaser's bank and marked “notify purchaser."
  3. Unless a shipper is designated by purchaser, freight forwarder is specified by GWI. GWI ships via air using the most cost effective and reliable carrier.
  4. All banking charges are charged to the account of the opener.